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A Day To Remember - 121212 ♥;
15 Dec 2012 | 22:51 | (0 notifications)

What's up people? Rasa macam dah lama tak update blog satu-satunya yang saya ada. Hidup kembali busy seperti sebelum ini. Busy menelaah buku. Bukan menelaah Facebook, Twitter and Blog. Why? Because I've started my second semester on 2th December.

There's a lottt and a lotttt of story that I wanna to share with you all guys. But I'm sorry. I'm to busy with my study. And harini I've something to share with you all :) A nice story, and a sweetiest memory ever :')

Followers, did you know who is the handsome guy and the sweetiest women in this picture? 
He is Shafeq Shahril with his beloved mama. How sweet he is with his mother :) 

121212 at Taman Love, A Famosa Melaka around 8 a.m I'm officially Shafeq Shahril's ♥ Almost 6 months kita kenal. Daripada seorang classmates-->friend-->bestfriend--> and now you're my best boyfriend ever. Sincerely deep in my heart, I love him so much. Followers, you should know Shafeq seorang yg sangattt carring, nice person and suka buat surprise dekat orang yang dia sayang :D He's so special.  That why I love him.

Macam gambar tunangkan? Hihi. Actually, kiteorang tumpang kakak Shafeq punya Majlis Pertunangan :) Ouh ya! My awesome friends and me pergi Kota Tinggi, Johore for 3 days started 7th December till 9th December haritu sebab kakak Shafeq Engagement Day. Sangat awesome dapat pergi sana berlima and meet Shafeq's family. Truely, Shafeq's family sangat baikkk and penyayang :) 
*Shafeq, I'm so happy dapat kenal dengan mama, kakak-kakak ayah, and adik-adik saudara awak :)
Nanti nak pergi Johor lagi boleh? :p

Five of us and his family :)

At Kota Tinggi Waterfall :)

To you, I want you to know that I love you  Thankyou so much for being a part of me. 

Sincerely me. XOXO